Our Services:

Long Day Care

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Our Long Day Care centre is licensed for 50 children and cares for children from 20  months -school age.

Operating from 6.30am – 6.30pm


Centre Program

Early Years Learning Framework.

Both services have planned weekly educational programs. The services have specific goals in relation to the programs delivered.

The programs are planned with a combination of factors, we ensure that your child’s development and progress is monitored through weekly child observations. We complete Developmental Checklists every 6 months. We combine this information with your child’s personal interests to deliver a program that is rich, educational and fun.

If you can assist us with the program in any way that would be appreciated. If you feel you would like to make comments about any aspect of the program please discuss this with a educator.

Parent Interviews are conducted and offered to parents half yearly. If you have a concern regarding your child’s development or individual needs please discuss these with an educator.

The centre also supports children with additional needs or special requirements. The centre supports integration and liaises with other support agencies to provide you with the care your child and family need.

The centre also has a philosophy statement located near the programming board should you wish to read this.




Country Cubs Preschool & OSHC aim to employ educated staff with a range of formal education and life experiences, backgrounds and gender who can make a valued contributions to the service.

All educators will contribute to and be involved with the centre’s educational programs.

Our educators are trained to ensure they provide an environment for children where they can learn and feel respected and cared for. Country Cubs Preschool & OSHC encourages educators to work towards an environment which is based around mutual respect, support and professionalism.

Country Cubs understands the importance of and encourages educators to attend training seminars to broaden their knowledge. Professional development is an important aspect for educators in enhancing their commitment to quality practices.

The service maintains Behaviour Management policies and educators are encouraged to model positive language and behaviour.

We aim to create a comfortable environment where educators feel inspired to enjoy their role as early childhood educators.

What to Wear, What to Bring

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Each day your child attends Preschool they will need to bring:

1. A drink bottle clearly labelled. We provide water.

2. Lunchbox with morning tea and lunch. (Afternoon tea is provided)

3. A hat

4. A backpack with a change of clothes (in case of accidents)

Please dress your child in comfortable clothes. Remember small buttons can be difficult when your child is toilet training. Clothes should be easily washable.

Children wear aprons during painting and messy activities, but sometimes they do get paint on their clothes. All paint should wash off in the machine.

For OH&S reasons we ask that children do not wear thongs or slip on shoes.

Please ensure all of your child’s clothes and belongings are labelled.

Meals & Lunch Boxes

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The service follows principles of the Munch and Move Program. Munch & Move is a NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth – 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reducing screen time.

The services Afternoon Tea Menus and cooking activities are based on principles of this program.

Both services provide water throughout the day. We also provide afternoon tea. Both services have afternoon tea menus which change weekly. These have been devised with your child’s health and nutrition recommendations in mind. These menus have been designed in consultation with representatives from Mid North Coast Local Health District – Munch and Move program.

Due to licensing regulations it is a requirement of the service to ensure children in care for extended periods of time receive 70% of their DRI ( Daily recommended intake ) whilst at care. We request when you pack your child’s lunch box daily you consider your child’s DRI.



Please ensure you pack an adequate amount of food. Should you be concerned about your child’s food or water intake please talk to a educator.

If your child has specific dietary requirements, please bring these to the attention of the Director during you parent interview.




KidSafe NSW - Country Cubs Preschool