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Long Day Care

What to wear, what to bring

Each day your child attends Preschool they will need:

  • A complete change of clothes ( more if your child is toilet training )
  • A legionnaire hat. We have a no hat, no play policy
  • A sheet or blanket if your child will be sleeping/resting. The service provides sleep bags
  • A comforter for sleep time. Dummy, toy etc.
  • A lunch box clearly labelled with your child’s snacks for the day
  • A drink bottle clearly labelled. We provide juice and water.

Please dress your child in comfortable clothes. Remember small buttons can be difficult when your child is toilet training. Clothes should be easily washable.

Children wear aprons during painting and messy activities, but sometimes they do get paint onto their clothes. All paint should wash off in the machine. For OH&S reasons we ask that children do not wear thongs or slip on shoes.

Please ensure all of your child’s clothes and belongings are labelled.

Meals & Lunch Boxes

Both services provide milk, juice and water throughout the day. We also provide Afternoon Tea. Both services have Afternoon Tea menus which change weekly. These have been devised with your child’s health and nutrition recommendations in mind.

Due to licensing regulations it is a requirement of the service to ensure children in care for extended periods of time receive 70% of their DRI ( Daily recommended intake ) whilst at care. We request when you pack your child’s lunch box daily you consider your child’s DRI.

Please ensure you pack an adequate amount of food. Should you be concerned about your child’s food or water intake please talk to a staff member.

If your child has specific dietary requirements, please bring these to the attention of the Director during you parent interview.

Before and After

School Care

Outside School Hours Care Service:

The Outside School Hours Care service is for children 5-12 years of age Before School Care can be accessed from Country Cubs Preschool during the term.

The service has been operating since 2004. After School Care is licensed for 22 children per day. Operating hours are 3.00pm – 6.30pm during all school terms. Services are closed for all Public Holidays.

Vacation care is licensed for 30 children per day. Vacation care operates 7:30 am – 6:30pm including all pupil free days.

Licensing & Accreditation

Country Cubs Preschool & Long Day Care is licensed by the Department of Family and Community Services. Outside School Hours Care is licensed by Family and Community Services. The services undergo strict licensing requirements. Licenses are displayed for view within the services.

Both services are registered with the National Childcare Accreditation Council, and undergo reviews. The Accreditation process monitors the way services are providing care, and ensures services are providing quality childcare. Parent participation is appreciated during this process.

Computers, T.V and Games

Children have set times during the Educational programs for them to experience and learn through media. We only allow children to watch television programs, DVD’s and Videos with G rating. All Playstation and X Box games at Outside School Hours Care are age appropriate. If you wish to discuss your child’s options further please speak with the Director.

Before School Care: $6.97 per Morning – charged as a session fee.
(Based on 100% CCB for one morning)

After School Care: $9.20 per Afternoon – charged as a session fee.
(Based on 100% CCB for one morning)

Vacation Care

Our Vacation Care Service is licensed for 38 children and cares for children from 5 years of age.

Operating from 6.30am – 6.30pm

Please download our Vacation Care Timetable pdf here

Vacation Care Events

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